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»  The cause was complications from a stroke

The cause was complications from a stroke

STEVE SISOLAK: It was well planned out. I don’t think he’s crazy. I don’t think he had mental illness. One year after the deadliest mass shooting in American history, Congress has done nothing. We need to strengthen background checks, but frankly that’s not enough. Today I’m sponsoring legislation to ban the assault weapons used in Las Vegas, Parkland, and other mass shootings.

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The kids forehead hit it and fractured his skull. Turned out to be the brother of a coworker at my previous job. She said the police nailed him for everything in the book, street racing, exhibition of speed, speeding in excess of 25mph of posted limit (skid marks calculated he was doing 80 when he started braking), failure to yield to a school bus, reckless driving, and property damage.

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